Joon using his fairy powers to impress the ladies ~

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after 15 years, she will be the next Korean actress or to be part of a KPOP girl group. She’s too pretty. 

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"Joon The Appa!!"

joon: Dayoungie…let’s try this one..

how about this?


(Dayoung sat on the floor)

Joon: sit here. in appa’s lap. it’s dirty there.

(Dayoung sat on his lap and tried the shoes)

Joon: Lauren you want this one?

I’ll buy it for you

If you want to have anything again, just tell me

Lauren: Appa Thank you

Joon: oh…. (touched) once again, appa thank you..

Lauren: Appa Thank you

Joon: (smile shyly..) ahh… this is the feeling raising a baby. 

it’s crazy…

(me? uwaaaaaa… sweeeeeeeeet lauren)

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Lauren got worried about Joon appa after seeing his tears and tried to cheer him up.

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